A Comprehensive Overview of CDP Providers

Request the report to see why Zeta was recognized as one of five CDPs within the large market presence (over $75 million in revenue) segment and in the Automation CDP functionality segment, which had the most “high functionality” capabilities.

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Learn more about Zeta’s CDP market position and capabilities

As modern marketers seek to capitalize on a changing ecosystem by generating value from first-party consumer data, many are adopting customer data platforms (CDPs) as an integral part of their marketing technology stacks. 


We’re thrilled to be recognized in Forrester’s “Now Tech: Customer Data Providers, Q1 2022” report as one of five CDPs in the large market presence segment, which includes those generating more than $75 million of revenue, as well as within the Automation CDP segment, having the most “high functionality” capabilities including: 

  • Single customer view 
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Content and offer personalization
  • Segmentation 
  • Data orchestration 
  • Native Execution


Request this Now Tech report to learn about about the benefits and market position of Zeta’s CDP+.

From the report:

  • 32% of B2C marketers cite quality of customer data as the greatest challenge to meeting their marketing goals over the next two years.”
  • Zeta is named by Forrester as a Automation CDP, having the “highest functionality” capabilities including single customer view, reporting, content personalization, segmentation, data orchestration, and native execution. 
  • “Forrester data shows that 25% of B2C marketers are using a CDP already and 24% plan to adopt a CDP in the next 12 months.”