Zeta Certified as a RealCDP by CDP Institute

Download the report to see why Zeta was recognized by the CDP institute for achieving perfect scores across all CDP evaluation categories.


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Download the Report

Learn how Zeta became RealCDP certified.

"Zeta CDP+ is a RealCDP with powerful capabilities enhanced by a strong services offering…Zeta’s global footprint, B2B and B2C capabilities, and strong data-driven marketing services provide an excellent fit for large companies in any industry looking to take results to the next level.”

CoreCDP_500w CDPEnhanced_500w CDPStack_500w
✓ Injest Data ✓ Channels Supported ✓ Analytics & Reporting
✓ Maintain Data ✓ Data Sources Supported ✓ Model Building & Scoring
✓ Store Historical Data ✓ 3rd Party Applications ✓ Personalization
✓ Unified Customer Data ✓ Real Time Processing ✓ Journey Orchestration
✓ Privacy ✓ Data Hygiene  
✓ Share Customer Data ✓ End User Training  
✓ Real Time Data Updates    

During the evaluation process, Zeta received perfect scores in our core CDP capabilities, our enhanced CDP capabilities, and our overall CDP stack.